Marketing Secrets for the Super Wealthy: 12 Key Steps for Successful Lead Generation and Conversion to America’s Top Income

Lead generation and conversion of ultra-wealthy prospects–often classified as accredited Investors–is a significantly different process from traditional business-to-business marketing or general consumer lead generation marketing. Why? The accredited investor requires important and unique marketing and advertising tactics. An accredited investor is defined as … Read More

Navigation Nightmares: Avoiding Distractions, Diversions, and Deletions on Your Website

In my speeches at conferences and in-house seminars, I talk about 12 common blunders on marketing websites. Each one of them can impact the effectiveness of your website. One of these blunders occurs with the use of the navigation bar … Read More

Top 16 DMU Videos of 2016

Here are the top 16 Direct Marketing Update videos from this year. These are the articles that you must watch These are the ones that were the most useful and interesting. They were the 2016 all-stars. You won’t want to … Read More

Web Strategy: 8 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Site for Christmas Sales

There are only 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Your small window is rapidly closing. There’s no time for a complete redesign of your website. But there are a few quick adjustments you can make to rev up … Read More

Election 2016: Who’s Winning the Social Media Campaign? September Update

Modern elections are all about social media and direct marketing. How are the current candidates doing on social media? Hillary Clinton Gary Johnson Jill Stein Donald Trump Twitter Followers 8.9 Million 327,000 227,000 11.7 Million Facebook Followers 6,060,320 1,517,540 572,946 … Read More

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