President Trump can save the taxpayers from the coming massive post office bailout—and make American postal delivery great again! 7 Frightening Realities About the Post Office which Politicians Ignore

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  President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $37 billion bailout … and turn the failing postal service around. The postal system is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians Unions The Postal Bureaucracy Hostility and … Read More

Top Twelve Urgent Trump Reforms

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What should be the first twelve reforms by President Trump and the Republican Congress at the start of 2017? The Supreme Court: Trump needs to appoint a new, strict constructionist judge to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year. … Read More

Web Strategy: 8 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Site for Christmas Sales

There are only 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Your small window is rapidly closing. There’s no time for a complete redesign of your website. But there are a few quick adjustments you can make to rev up … Read More

Election 2016: Who’s Winning the Social Media Campaign? September Update

Modern elections are all about social media and direct marketing. How are the current candidates doing on social media? Hillary Clinton Gary Johnson Jill Stein Donald Trump Twitter Followers 8.9 Million 327,000 227,000 11.7 Million Facebook Followers 6,060,320 1,517,540 572,946 … Read More

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