How One Subscriber Membership Base Grew By 30% In Just 6 Months

Recently, I helped a subscription client grow its membership base by a stunning 30% in just half a year. How? With multichannel, integrated marketing. This powerful approach to marketing a product or service means that your prospects see your offer … Read More

How Family Life Conference Shot Attendance Up More Than 800% – 5 Powerful Secrets You Can Use

If your marketing results are flat or declining, here is an important lesson: FamilyLife is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to providing married couples and parents with tools to improve their marriages and home life. This is done through conferences, … Read More

3 Steps to Take Advantage of The Revolutionary Opportunities Under the JOBS Act

The JOBS Act is a revolutionary new law that has changed the game for business owners, entrepreneurs, hedge funds, investment funds and even public companies to raise capital and attract new shareholders. It’s an important, historic piece of legislation that … Read More

Making Direct Mail Outperform Online Marketing: 7 Keys to Success

Even in an online world, direct mail can increase your growth and profitability more than any other media option. Integrated campaigns using direct mail and digital elements including email campaigns, banner ads, native ads, Facebook ads, Amazon ads and pre-roll commercials all … Read More

Raising Capital? 23 Need-to-Know Marketing Secrets to Equity Crowdfunding

Those who are raising capital under the equity crowdfunding/JOBS Act will want to take a look at my new book, 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital. It’s a must-have guide packed with concise, actionable advice for you to create … Read More

Video Brief: The Two Most Common Shopping Cart Blunders – Are You Losing Leads and Sales?

Are you losing leads and sales because of “shopping cart blunders”? Here is a short, 2 minute video brief you’ll want to see to make sure your shopping cart is as powerful as it should be. If you’d like to talk … Read More

Video Sales and Leads from Your Landing Page: 7 Little-Known Ways to Increase Response and Profits

I’ve created over 400 videos and TV commercials, including 13 infomercials. Video is an incredible response-booster. You should always use video on your landing page, to captivate the attention of your prospects, increase your credibility and make a powerful impression. … Read More

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