President Trump can save the taxpayers from the coming massive post office bailout—and make American postal delivery great again! 7 Frightening Realities About the Post Office which Politicians Ignore

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  President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $37 billion bailout … and turn the failing postal service around. The postal system is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians Unions The Postal Bureaucracy Hostility and … Read More

Having Problems with the Post Office?

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I had an odd, terrible ruling from the United States Postal Service (USPS). I am getting surcharged on my traditional direct mail. It makes no economic sense. I can’t send mail for my clients. They lose and the post office … Read More

Increasing Response: Use Current Events

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One way to increase readership and response is to tie your campaign, banner ads, etc. to current events. This trick works for all products and services, including Hamburgers! Check out this ad from Wendy’s below: Do you need help with  … Read More

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