Marketing Breakthrough: 5 Reasons Why Raising Capital for Your Business Has Never Been Easier

Marketing Breakthrough: 5 Reasons Why Raising Capital for Your Business Has Never Been Easier

If you run a small business, medium-sized organization or even large company….

….and you are looking to hire new staff, purchase new equipment or facilities, or jumpstart your marketing…..

You need to know that raising capital to expand your business has never been easier.

Here are 5 reasons why 2018 is the ideal time to raise capital for your business – and see growth and expansion you’ve only dreamed of.


Reason #1: The JOBS Act has changed the game for you.

The historic JOBS Act has blown open the door for you to raise capital directly from investors.

For 80 years, private businesses weren’t allowed to market investment opportunities in their businesses. They had to go public first.

But now, the JOBS Act has made it possible for business owners and entrepreneurs like you to develop powerful partnerships with investors.

With capital raised from the investors who want to partner with you, you could:

  • Expand your business
  • Open new stores
  • Market and advertise your product or service
  • Perform research and development
  • Purchase acquisitions
  • Buy equipment
  • Whatever you want….


Reason #2: You can raise an unlimited amount of capital – and even go public – under the JOBS Act.

The JOBS Act has created three separate categories for raising capital: Regulation 506C, Regulation A+, and Regulation CF.

Under Regulation 506C, you can raise an unlimited amount of capital – but you are limited to raising capital from 2,000 investors.

Under Regulation A+, you could raise now over $50 million from investors.

Here are a few success stories from companies who have raised capital under Regulation A+:

  • Elio Motors raised $17 million.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment raised $30 million before listing on NASDAQ.
  • Adomani raised more than $14.4 million before listing on NASDAQ CM and shot up to over a billion-dollar market cap.

Finally, under Regulation CF, you can raise up to $1 million. This is the most limited form of crowdfunding under the JOBS Act, as you are limited in the kinds of marketing you can use.


Reason #3: A multichannel, integrated marketing campaign is your key to taking advantage of the opportunities under the historic JOBS Act.

The critical question for raising capital is: How do you begin to develop partnerships with investors who want to put capital into your business?

A multichannel, integrated marketing campaign is your key to success under the JOBS Act.

A multichannel, integrated marketing campaign relies on marketing to investors across multiple channels – direct mail, email, digital ads, video, social media platforms and more – to get a high response.

Investors who receive your direct mail piece will also, for example, see your digital ads. And investors who visit your landing page will be re-targeted with ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Multichannel, integrated marketing is the only way to effectively market your investment opportunity and raise the capital you need to dramatically expand your business.


Reason #4: You can now target investors using advanced data modeling, custom lists, look-a-like audiences and more. 

You might have a fantastic marketing campaign, but if it’s not targeted to the right audience, it will fall flat. You won’t get a high response, and your time, effort and money will be wasted.

You must know how to target the right investors – the individuals who are actively involved in their own investments and who have the resources to make a difference in your business.

Here are 3 powerful strategies you can use to target investors:

  1. Advanced data modeling for precise targeting, NSA-style. 

Advanced data modeling is a highly effective strategy that allows you to target investors based on thousands of data points of transactional data. These data points are then used by behavioral scientists to “clone” the “perfect prospect.”

  1. Custom lists for targeting your own best prospects.

Custom lists can also be a powerful strategy for generating leads from your own database or customer file.

For an equity crowdfunding campaign, I identify investors in a customer file, and then collect their postal addresses, emails and phone numbers to create a custom list.

  1. Look-a-like audiences to generate prospects that “look” just like your best prospects.

A “look-a-like” audience is an audience that “looks” just like your best prospects: They might have the same interests, demographics and search history, for example.

Look-a-like audiences can be created on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Amazon.

This is another powerful strategy that allows you to target investors who are most likely to invest the capital you need to expand your business.


Reason #5: Direct mail is a powerful lead-generation tool that may be the critical key for your campaign.

It may surprise you, but one of your most powerful and effective marketing tools under the JOBS Act is direct mail.

Direct mail is my “secret weapon” for getting a high response.

When combined with advanced data modeling and integrated marketing across other channels, direct mail could be the critical key to your marketing campaign to investors.

Direct mail formats vary: I’ve had incredible success with traditional envelopes, magalogs, newsalogs, bookalogs (link to articles) and other kinds of pieces.


It’s never been easier to raise capital to expand your business. By creating a multichannel marketing campaign under the JOBS Act, you could potentially raise tens of millions – or more – for your business – and see your dreams take off.

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