How Relationship Marketing Increased Profitability for 1-800-Contacts


The Marketing Challenge

1-800-Contacts is a company that markets contact lenses. This firm was looking to expand by marketing their product to Wal-Mart employees. Since 1-800 Contacts did not have a relationship with them, our challenge was to overcome the skepticism and create excitement about the third-party marketing offer.

The Strategy:


CDMG created a personalized direct mail letter campaign that included:

1. Powerful, personalized direct response copy that emphasized powerful incentive in the offer
2. Direct Response Art to help maximize readership
3. A compatible landing page
4. A Direct Mail Piece with high quality personalization of the envelope and the letter using Wal-Mart’s employee data to strengthen response

The marketing strategy emphasized:

1-800-Contacts_sales-sheet1-800-Contacts_letter• The importance of their Flexible Spending Account (FSA), to be able to use it for buying their contacts.
• Branding by creating a bridge between 1-800-Contacts and Wal-Mart
• Relationship marketing
• Taking the old offer and making it into a direct response offer as exciting as possible.
• We heavily used high quality personalization on the envelope, inside the letter, in the value added piece and on the order form—everywhere.
• And with some of the data that Wal-Mart had on their employees, we used data for even greater personalization.

In all, a power relationship and direct mail campaign was created for 1-800 Contacts.

The Results:

We helped 1-800-Contacts solidify its Wal-Mart relationship with the company and its employees, increasing sales and generating new customers for 1-800-Contacts – by applying the latest in advanced direct response strategies and tactics. Wal-Mart took 1-800-Contacts offer because of CDMG’s expert strategy.


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