For almost 10 years, CDMG worked to make one small investment company, DTN Wall Street, into a giant by selling its innovative investment product.

The marketing director, Chuck Wood, heard Craig Huey—President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc.—speak at a conference in Las Vegas about accountable advertising and scientific marketing. He loved what he heard.

The Product Advantage:

During the internet boom in the late 1980s-1990s, investors could get “delayed” information on individual stocks and the market like never before. New technology delivered information directly to homes or businesses.

This was before services like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and the DTN had 800 subscribers, for $39.95 a month—but wanted faster growth

dtnThe Marketing Challenge

1. DTN was selling a new investment product outside its core agricultural products to a new market: the
individual investor.

2. Persuading skeptical prospects of the benefits of the new product no one had ever used before in a
powerful, understandable way 3. The price of the product was high and a shock to investors

The Solution:

So CDMG created a marketing program for them, including:

• Branding and positioning
• Unique Selling Position (USP)
• Powerful direct response copy
• Persuasive creative strategy
• Irresistible direct Response offer
• Targeted media selection

The specifics included:

• Display ads: testing over 50 different ads and 200 headlines
• Creating over 20 TV commercials with over 100 variations of the commercials —different scripts, and actors, with a variety of offers. Each commercial version had a 60-and 30-second TV commercial
• Plus direct mail, email, inserts, and banner ads

The Results:

“Saving Money” and other commercials for DTN Wall Street stressed “value,” generating far more leads, reducing the average cost per lead by 250%.

The first commercials CDMG produced created such a huge response that they had to hire more staff. Head of DTN’s Charles R. Wood noted: “CDMG has made a tremendous difference in our direct marketing

Wood said of CDMG: “With your direction, creative expertise and full service…you’ve taken us to the next level of marketing which is helping DTN grow and grow.”

The marketing success turned an idea into a fortune. They became a public company.

CDMG took them from under 1,000 subscribers to over 150,000 subscribers.

They knew they could not do it on their own. They relied upon CDMG to bring them up to powerful, professional standards.

The secret to their success: CDMG’s direct response copy, strategy and tactics.

DTN Wall Street was eventually purchased for over $350 million dollars.


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