How YETI Uses Database Marketing to Drive Up Sales

Most companies overlook the importance of building a database for marketing. Instead of building a valuable database of prospects, leads and customers – their most likely buyers – they market to a general audience, hoping they might purchase their product. … Read More

How Nike Used the Super Bowl to Create Buzz and Dramatically Boost Sales

The Super Bowl is usually known for its high-priced and hyped-up commercial ad lineup, but this year the best-used advertising space came at half-time. The half-time show featured megastar Justin Timberlake, who sang and danced an elaborate number in a … Read More

2018 Super Bowl Ad Lineup: 10 Things To Know About What Made Viewers Laugh, Cry and Take Action

About 103.4 million people watched Super Bowl 52….significantly fewer than last year’s 111.3 million viewers. The drop in viewership may have been a result of political reasons (2017’s controversy over taking a knee). The Super Bowl is still the most … Read More

13 Key Strategies to Creating an Effective, Integrated Multichannel Campaign

With over 40 years of helping clients to market their products and dramatically expand their businesses, I have developed several key strategies to creating an effective marketing campaign. The first thing to know is that the foundation of an effective, … Read More

5 Little-Known Secrets for Using “Floaters” to Dramatically Grow Your Prospect Base and Lift Response

“Pop-ups” have a bad name. And a traditional “pop-up” is easily blocked by a pop-up blocker… For every campaign I create, I use a “floater.” A floater looks like a pop-up. Feels like a pop-up. But it’s not. Should you … Read More

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