How to Use Facebook Messenger to Powerfully Boost Leads and Profits: 7 Strategies to Use Now

Facebook messenger is the next frontier for digital marketing. Email or even regular text messaging can overwhelm prospects with too many messages, ads or spam. Facebook messenger is a more personal way to connect with prospects and build valuable relationship … Read More

Amazon Advertising: 16 Powerful Insights and Tools to Grow New Leads, Expand Your Prospect Base and Boost Profits [updated]

Amazon advertising is becoming a revolutionary marketing machine. In 2017, Amazon brought in approximately $2.8 billion dollars. But in 2019, that number is expected to double to more than $6.6 billion. The estimated boost in profits is due to the … Read More

How One B2B Catalog Achieved Skyrocketing Sales with 8 Direct Response Solutions

One of the fundamental rules or principles in successful marketing is to give value. Value increases response. Value increases profitability. Value increases loyalty. Most marketers do not give value. Instead, they sell. Selling may achieve a certain level of response. … Read More

The Death of Tracking Cookies? Digital Crackdown May Make Advertising Online More Difficult

The death of cookies? Cookies are the tracking devices that advertisers and marketers place on web pages to tag potential customers. But a recent study found that 64% of tracking cookies are blocked or deleted by web browsers such as … Read More

22 Surprising Marketing Trends for Political Campaigns [Update]

Over the last 30 years of participating in the intersection of politics with advertising and marketing, one thing is clear to me: Candidates and causes that implement the most advanced direct response advertising and marketing strategies and tactics are the … Read More

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