10 Powerful Steps to Relationship Marketing to Dramatically Increase Your Sales and Profits

Marketing is all about building relationships. Whether it’s to your database, or to prospects, building a relationship is necessary for success. The starting point of building a relationship is to look at the individual prospect, not to a group of … Read More

Testing Corner: Which Facebook Teaser Copy and Headline Worked Best?

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get an incredible response. I test hundreds of ads a month for my clients, discovering what works and what doesn’t. But you have to create the right copy…something that will grab the attention … Read More

Why the Failing US Post Office is Hiking Up Rates…and 10 Surprising Realities to Stop the $50 + Billion Bailout and Make Mail Delivery Great Again

President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $50 + billion bailout … and turn the failing Postal Service around and Make Mail Delivery Great Again. The current postal monopoly is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians … Read More

How we launched True Religion Jeans: From just a dream to millions in profits

I love turning dreams into reality, taking an entrepreneur and small company and growing it—HUGE! And that’s what my CDMG team and I did with True Religion Jeans. It’s a great story of marketing breakthroughs. You see, True Religion Jeans … Read More

FREE WEBINAR— 18 Surprising New Trends for Marketing Investment Products and Services

Losing time… Losing money… And losing market share. For Presidents and Marketing Directors, that’s a terrible fear…or reality. That’s why it’s critical that company Presidents and Marketing Directors watch a free, no-obligation webinar called “18 Surprising New Trends for Marketing … Read More

Infographic: 18 Advertising and Marketing Strategies for 2018 [A Critical Checklist]

In 2018, expect new trends that will change the way you market your products or services…. creating amazing new opportunities for profits and growth. Here are 18 advertising and marketing strategies/infographics – a virtual checklist – of what you should … Read More

The Top 10 Ads on YouTube in 2017, and What Consumers Are Responding to Now

Every month, 3.25 billion hours of YouTube are viewed. Every campaign I create for clients includes video- both YouTube video and YouTube pre-roll commercials. YouTube has become a powerful force for marketers reaching all ages…but especially for millennials. For example, … Read More

Copy Tip: Presenting Information – in Charts and Graphs – is Absolutely Essential

Strong copy is unstoppable with supporting graphics. In today’s culture, people have less time and less patience. They will read something if it’s interesting, but they like their information summarized and illustrated graphically, and that can make a big difference … Read More

Testing Corner: Commonly Used Call to Action (CTA) Put to the Test—an 87.5% Difference!

Avoid the fear-factor when prompting your prospects to buy… It’s common to finish a survey or shopping cart information-gathering field with a “Submit” button using the word “Submit.” It’s used ubiquitously and many would assume that’s because it works. So … Read More

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