Direct Mail Success: Follow the Proven 40/40/20 Rule to Get the Profitable Results You Want

Direct mail is full of rules. Follow them and you’ll profit. Break them and you’ll depress response. These rules aren’t arbitrary—they’re based on years of multiple and thorough testing. Simply put, the 40/40/20 Rule is: 40% of your direct mail … Read More

14 Surprising Steps to Powerful Facebook Response

Facebook can give you great response and profits. It can also be a huge disappointment. But when used correctly, Facebook can be one of the most powerful ways to reach potential customers, expand your reach, and boost response and profits. … Read More

The Amazing Power of Bullets: How They Can Dramatically Increase Your Readership, Response, and Results

One of the keys to successful marketing and advertising is understanding the art of creating a bullet. Bullets are sizzling, mouthwatering, irresistible enticements to continue to read or to take action. Bullets can dramatically increase your response and profitability. Most … Read More

Direct Response Copy Tip of the Week: Hot Words that Boost Response

When writing copy for your marketing campaign, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospects. That’s why you must choose your words carefully. As they read, the copy must continue to arouse their interest. Avoid … Read More

Testing Corner: Surprising Results for Copy Test

Some of my favorite direct marketing tools include magalogs, bookalogs, catalogs, and reportalogs. These formats are great for promoting your product or service. They showcase the item in a magazine layout, which generates interest among consumers or business prospects who … Read More

How Personality Can Dramatically Increase Response

Why do some brands outperform their competitors over and over? ‘Cause they’ve got personality.’ (Sing it, Lloyd Price.) If you’re in the Northeast, your probably remember the electronics retailer known as “Crazy Eddie.” If you’re in Southern California, then you … Read More

Why I Can Help You Supercharge Your Marketing As Never Before

Whatever your product or service you’re marketing, strategically planning and developing an accountable scientific based marketing campaign is essential to success. For over 30 years the copywriters, graphic designers, digital marketers, account servicing personnel, and production personnel at my company, … Read More

FREE Webinar- 28 New and Surprising Trends for Marketing Products and Services in 2018

Marketing is changing fast. And it’s changing for the better in 2018. The changes occurring for marketers on Facebook and other areas are huge. Even the changes with old media like direct mail are dramatic. If you’re a president or … Read More

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