1,000+ marketing campaigns. Over $1 billion in capital raised. Small companies skyrocketing to success and medium-sized businesses becoming multimillion dollar corporations. We’ve helped small startups, major corporations, and household names achieve growth and profits with targeted data and multichannel, integrated marketing for over 40 years.

See what our clients have to say:

Sales Exceed Expectations

“I want to thank you. You and your staff have helped build VectorVest Inc. into one of the largest online services in America. Your marketing efforts generated over 90,000 new customers in the last few years and exceeded our expectations by far. Your copy, art, and direct marketing strategy have helped us in good economic times and bad. Thanks again for your great service.”

Linda Royer

Treasurer, VectorVest Inc.

Most Successful Marketing Efforts Ever

“This has been the most successful promotion that Giltspur has done, generating a 20% response. Craig, you and your staff are to be commended for a remarkable campaign…the best ever at Giltspur. Our goal was to generate appointments from 10% of the target audience. Your very creative direct mail program helped us garner over 20% response. Your marketing was attention getting, powerful, and very fitting for the image we wanted to portray to the industry. I am ecstatic with the results and your staff.”

Richard T. Murphy

Director of Marketing, Giltspur

From Dream To Multi-Million-Dollar Company

“He’s a marketing genius. Craig Huey took my idea and created a dream come true. From the launch, CDMG has helped me grow into one of the largest publishers and supplement companies in America.”

Dr. Bruce West

Founder , Health Alert

Creative Excellence

“CDMG did great work for a client of ours, Supercircuits. They achieved the proper balance between pushing the edge creatively and leveraging the existing design equity. They were buttoned up, reasonably priced and fun people too. I’d recommend them to other clients without hesitation.”

Terry Sadowski

Managing Partner, LGE

Done Right, on Time

“I wanted you to know what an outstanding job your team did. It was a refreshing reminder that in fact some people can do it right and on-time  the first time.”

John Chandler

President, Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds

Record-Setting Growth

“Response to our campaign has been so great that we had to hire six new people, expand our offices, and install a new phone system to keep up. Thanks to your direct marketing expertise, we are expanding our customer base at a record-setting pace. Thanks again for an amazing winner!”

George Higashida

President, Sun Wellness

CDMG Team Is the Best

“My launch and growth successes – your CDMG team is the best”

Jeff Lubell

Founder, True Religion Jeans

Knows What to Do

“Very smart. Very creative. Very good. Marketing genius that knows what to do!”

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

New Clients, Increased Profits

“Thanks to you and your staff for creating the best promotion by far for MFIA. Not only have we added thousands of new members, but you’ve helped us raise the average sale by 16%. Thanks again for your excellent work.”

Eric Kobren

Founder, Mutual Fund Investors Association

Taken to the Next Level

“CDMG has made a tremendous difference in our direct marketing success. You’ve taken us to the next level of marketing, which is helping us grow and grow.”

Charles Wood

Vice President, General Manager, Data Transaction Network

Sales up 250%

“From beginning to end, and every step of the way, the team at CDMG really cared and wanted us to succeed. In the first month alone, our mail orders went up 250%. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re part of the family now.”

Dorothy Pryor Rose

Founder, Mommie Helen’s Bakery

Increased Attendance 800%

“You increased the attendance at our conference by over 800%, an amazing job with the multimedia campaign.”

Greg Leith

Host, Family Life Seminars

Exceptional Efforts and Growth

“I want to thank you for your exceptional effort on our campaign. We have already increased our subscriber base by 50%! The response was tremendous. We initially chose to work with you based on your excellent reputation. Our experience to date only serves to reinforce it further.”

Bernie Hertel

President, The Pro Trader Corp.

Turn around

“Your digital marketing and website turned everything around – to a profitable quarter.”



Best Response Ever

“I appreciate your efforts in creating a winning package. Our control package produced 89%, your two versions 185% and 181%. A clear winner and one of the best responses we’ve ever had.”

William Donoghue

Founder, The Donoghue Organization

Better Than Any Other Agency

“We sold more books with your marketing than with any other promotion or agency.”

Frank Cawood

Founder, Cawood and Associates

Highly Capable Team of Professionals

“It was a pleasure to work with Craig Huey and his team of highly capable professionals, who met all of the targeted dates we initially established. And we were delighted with the results! The average dollar ordered increased by 18%. In addition, the response rate from the test increased by 92%. Thus, the results were, in essence, the best of both worlds, a higher dollar ordering along with many more orders.”

Carlton Lutts

Publisher, The Cabot Market Letter

Never Had So Many Leads

“Thanks to your creative direct marketing promotion, we have never had so many leads. You have done great work and we would have no problem highly recommending your agency.”

Matthew Epstein

Vice President, 800 Direct

Know How To Do It Right

“You know what works and how to do it right. I’m about $1 billion in management now, thanks to your marketing.”

James Stack

Founder, Stack Financial

Repositioning, New Launch Turnaround

“You helped turn our finances around with your website redesign and successful launch of our premium product.”

Jim Cramer

Founder, TheStreet.com

Response Has Been Fantastic

“You came to me with a reputation of excellence, specialists in marketing. And everything you’ve done has exceeded my expectations. Everything about this project, from the copy to the art to the final results, is ‘first class’. More importantly, response has been fantastic—thanks for a superb job.”

Patrick McKeough

Publisher, The Successful Investor

Dramatic Growth

“You beat our previous marketing efforts, increasing our profitability, and helped us enjoy dramatic growth.”

Lucinda Bassett

Founder, Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety

Phenomenal Response

“Once again, you and your staff have proven why I hired you. Response has been phenomenal…pulling twice as much as our old campaign. Just a super job!”

Dennis Blitz

President, Commodity Trend Service


“If you want to successfully target and have accountable advertising, look at CDMG’s team.”

Mark Richardson

Commodity Trend Service

The Best

“Copy, positioning, branding, creative and media – I use CDMG because it’s the best.”

T. Wile

President, Biologix