Website Suicide: “Don’t Make Me Think”

Website Suicide: “Don’t Make Me Think”

A recent study shows that 83% of online users who immediately leave a website leave because they can’t find what they need.

It’s evident that many marketers are losing time, money and customers by violating direct marketing rules and basic human psychology with their company websites.

Consider 4 tactics when deciding whether your site attracts or repels prospects:

  1. Identify yourself. “Is this a site I’ve been looking for?” is the first thought in your prospect’s mind when he or she lands on a site. Your product or service needs to be immediately identifiable. If a searcher doesn’t get the feeling “this is where I need to be,” they can be gone within 2 seconds.
  2. Be copy-driven. Most websites and landing pages are anemic: they’re navigation-driven rather than copy-driven. There needs to be enough sales copy that persuades the prospect that it’s in her self-interest to read and respond to your offer. Laser-focused messaging seals the deal.
  3. Direct the reader. Prospects think neither logically nor in a straight line. Using navigation buttons like: About Us, Help, History, Media, Products, Sitemap, Vision Statement and Contact Us interrupt your sales presentation.
  4. Make sure your site is mobile-optimized. Most website visitors will be looking at your site on their phones. Make sure your copy is clear and there aren’t too many navigation distractions – and test your website on the phone before launching it.

Don’t give potential buyers the easy choice of diving into an illogical exploration of your site – every click away from your core message could cost you 10%-20% of sales.

Instead, pull visitors along to your offer with succinct copy and design that doesn’t give them even one reason to guess who you are, what you do and why they should be there.

In other words, don’t make your prospect have to think…the difference between success and failure is just a click away.

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