My client 800 Direct needed to get its message into the hands of key telemarketing managers and marketing directors of companies nationwide, a skeptical audience.
The goal was to generate leads for their in-bound telemarketing services.
Your envelope is a key factor in getting you piece into the hands of the decision maker. But not only is creating the envelope important, so is testing it.
Test: Shown in the image is an example of two envelopes I created for my client, 800 Direct.
Envelope A had text with just a simple image of a telephone cord. It read, “Special Management Update. 4 Surprising Telemarketing Innovations!”
Envelope B had a cartoon of a telemarketer answering the phone while filing her nails and reading a magazine. It read, “Who’s really answering your in-bound calls?”
Both envelopes also read, “Enclosed: FREE Checklist – 8 Costly Telemarketing Blunders.” This statement created the perception of value inside. And each envelope contained the same information inside.
One of the test envelopes had a 60% better response!
Before you look at the results, can you guess which one did better?
Results: If you guessed envelope B, it did win the Business Marketing Association Gold Award for the Best Direct Marketing Piece of the Year. But A outpulled B by 42%.
Do you know why? Write back and tell me if you think you know why Envelope A did so much better than Envelope B. You can contact me at (310) 212-5727 or