You can have a great product or service. But your prospect may not be listening or even care.
That’s when your marketing has to be disruptive.
That’s the situation when I get a call looking for solutions to increase sales for a business to business company.
Aware Products, a personalized line of hair and skincare products for beauty salon owners, entered a virtually impenetrable market with well-known names like Sebastian, Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, and others.
Salon owners needed to be educated about the image-building and highly profitable benefits of using a signature line of personalized beauty products with the salon’s own name on the products over established names.
Since Aware Produces was not a “household name” in this crowded and highly competitive Salon market, it was imperative that our creative efforts motivate the prospect to focus on the opportunity.
So, we had these objectives

  1. To have the prospect open the direct mail envelope,
  2. read our message,
  3. and respond.

Not an easy task when you consider that we’re talking to busy individuals who may not be up to thinking about changing the status quo.
So my CDMG staff and I created a stunning direct mail piece, that emphasized personalization immediately on the carrier envelope.
A large, oversized envelope showed an actual shampoo bottle with the individual’s salon name personalized and imprinted on it.
The headline read “Why This Bottle Holds Your Key To:

  • Eliminating lost profits from product diversion
  • Boosting your retails sales, even in a recession.
  • Enhancing your salon’s image.
  • Creating loyalty even if a stylist leaves.”

The direct response sales letter quickly began the education process of making the prospect aware of the benefits of creating his/her own line of hair and skincare products.
It continued by telling the prospect specifically how to immediately begin taking advantage of these benefits.
A lift note featured the testimonial of a salon owner who prospected through the recession and created an extra $60,000 in retail profits.
A value-added insert answered 7 questions salon owners might have in creating their new signature line of products.
A strong offer of an Introductory Sample Kit of Aware Products’ formulations and a free 32-page Guide to Progressive Private Labelling was also offered.
The mailing package was disruptive and cut through the clutter and commanded the attention of the prospect. This approach dramatically increased business and became a powerful way to dominate the market.
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