How Nike Used the Super Bowl to Create Buzz and Dramatically Boost Sales

The Super Bowl is usually known for its high-priced and hyped-up commercial ad lineup, but this year the best-used advertising space came at half-time. The half-time show featured megastar Justin Timberlake, who sang and danced an elaborate number in a … Read More

13 Key Strategies to Creating an Effective, Integrated Multichannel Campaign

With over 40 years of helping clients to market their products and dramatically expand their businesses, I have developed several key strategies to creating an effective marketing campaign. The first thing to know is that the foundation of an effective, … Read More

5 Little-Known Secrets for Using “Floaters” to Dramatically Grow Your Prospect Base and Lift Response

“Pop-ups” have a bad name. And a traditional “pop-up” is easily blocked by a pop-up blocker… For every campaign I create, I use a “floater.” A floater looks like a pop-up. Feels like a pop-up. But it’s not. Should you … Read More

10 Powerful Steps to Relationship Marketing to Dramatically Increase Your Sales and Profits

Marketing is all about building relationships. Whether it’s to your database, or to prospects, building a relationship is necessary for success. The starting point of building a relationship is to look at the individual prospect, not to a group of … Read More

Testing Corner: Which Facebook Teaser Copy and Headline Worked Best?

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get an incredible response. I test hundreds of ads a month for my clients, discovering what works and what doesn’t. But you have to create the right copy…something that will grab the attention … Read More

Why the Failing US Post Office is Hiking Up Rates…and 10 Surprising Realities to Stop the $50 + Billion Bailout and Make Mail Delivery Great Again

President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $50 + billion bailout … and turn the failing Postal Service around and Make Mail Delivery Great Again. The current postal monopoly is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians … Read More

How we launched True Religion Jeans: From just a dream to millions in profits

I love turning dreams into reality, taking an entrepreneur and small company and growing it—HUGE! And that’s what my CDMG team and I did with True Religion Jeans. It’s a great story of marketing breakthroughs. You see, True Religion Jeans … Read More

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