Over 5,000 Subscribers/Members in Less than 6 Months: How One Mature Product Was Able to Dramatically Increase New Subscribers and Members

In many ways, marketing a mature product is different than launching a brand-new product or a relatively new product in the marketplace. Your core audience is already familiar with a mature product. And that’s one of the great distinctives. Your … Read More

6 Costly and Common Direct Mail Blunders [Part 2]

Last week, I showed you blunders #1-3 of the 6 most common direct mail blunders that marketers make in direct mail. These are the costly mistakes that result in a low response. Knowing these blunders will help you create powerful … Read More

How to Raise Capital Through Advanced Marketing and Advertising [Special]

A revolution is going on in the marketplace today. It’s a revolution that’s helping private companies raise capital by marketing directly to the investors. It’s a revolution where companies that want to become public can fast-track to becoming public. And … Read More

Two Surprising Blockchain Trends in E-Commerce

Blockchain technology is anticipated to completely revolutionize the way we buy, sell and exchange currency. This game-changing technology could also transform advertising – especially for e-commerce sites. Here are 2 surprising ways that blockchain is transforming e-commerce:   #1: Tighter … Read More

How to Use Facebook Messenger to Powerfully Boost Leads and Profits: 7 Strategies to Use Now

Facebook messenger is the next frontier for digital marketing. Email or even regular text messaging can overwhelm prospects with too many messages, ads or spam. Facebook messenger is a more personal way to connect with prospects and build valuable relationship … Read More

Amazon Advertising: 16 Powerful Insights and Tools to Grow New Leads, Expand Your Prospect Base and Boost Profits [updated]

Amazon advertising is becoming a revolutionary marketing machine. In 2017, Amazon brought in approximately $2.8 billion dollars. But in 2019, that number is expected to double to more than $6.6 billion. The estimated boost in profits is due to the … Read More

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