10 Powerful Steps to Relationship Marketing to Dramatically Increase Your Sales and Profits

Marketing is all about building relationships. Whether it’s to your database, or to prospects, building a relationship is necessary for success. The starting point of building a relationship is to look at the individual prospect, not to a group of … Read More

Testing Corner: Which Facebook Teaser Copy and Headline Worked Best?

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get an incredible response. I test hundreds of ads a month for my clients, discovering what works and what doesn’t. But you have to create the right copy…something that will grab the attention … Read More

How we launched True Religion Jeans: From just a dream to millions in profits

I love turning dreams into reality, taking an entrepreneur and small company and growing it—HUGE! And that’s what my CDMG team and I did with True Religion Jeans. It’s a great story of marketing breakthroughs. You see, True Religion Jeans … Read More

Infographic: 18 Advertising and Marketing Strategies for 2018 [A Critical Checklist]

In 2018, expect new trends that will change the way you market your products or services…. creating amazing new opportunities for profits and growth. Here are 18 advertising and marketing strategies/infographics – a virtual checklist – of what you should … Read More

The Top 10 Ads on YouTube in 2017, and What Consumers Are Responding to Now

Every month, 3.25 billion hours of YouTube are viewed. Every campaign I create for clients includes video- both YouTube video and YouTube pre-roll commercials. YouTube has become a powerful force for marketers reaching all ages…but especially for millennials. For example, … Read More

Multi-Channel Marketing…All to the Same Names [video]

If you haven’t seen how we send direct mail, email, Facebook ads, Google ads, pre-roll commercials, Twitter and Amazon Prime ads—all to the same targeted prospects, watch this short marketing brief on multi-channel marketing. It’s about 4 minutes long. Watch … Read More

Don’t Be Fooled by the Lies & Myths! 3 Things to Expect After the Repeal of Net Neutrality

Don’t be misled about the FCC and “net neutrality”: the outcry by the liberal and socialist politics and media…and backed by internet giants not wanting competition…has been intense. Here is a reality check. The FCC recently voted to reverse the … Read More

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