I tested three separate subject lines for an email campaign I sent out for one of my clients. The audience receiving the email was mostly male investors, 50-years and older.
Note that the subject line, in this case, had to be tame enough for regulatory agencies and by passing filters.


  1. The first subject line read “$100 million merger sparks growth opportunities for homeland security firm.”
  2. The second subject line read, “Homeland Security merger creates $100 million company.”
  3. The third subject line read, “Merger creates $100 million homeland security leader.”

But before you read on, can you guess which one had a better response?


If you guessed that it was the second subject line, “Homeland Security merger creates $100 million company,” you are right!
The second subject line resulted in a .66% higher response than the first subject line and a .16% higher response than the third subject line.
While the percentage rate may not seem huge, it is significant and resulted in many more buyers.

One key detail not to forget…

Keep in mind that many of your prospects are only going to see about 25-30 characters of your subject line when they go to check their email inbox.
In this case, what was read for the winning subject line was “Homeland Security merger creates…”
Choose your words carefully and always make your subject line powerful and to the point.
If you would like some tips on how to create an email campaign with a subject line that will get the highest possible response, contact me at craig@cdmginc.com or call me at (310) 212-5727.