Google and Facebook are employing more human reviewers to cut down on fake news on their social media sites.
They believe the “human touch” will improve the overall quality of online content distribution.
They hope these steps will also improve the truthfulness and reliability of their networks.
Google takes it a step further. It has augmented its Autocomplete feature so users can flag false or offensive results.
Facebook, meanwhile, started tagging highly questionable stories as “disputed.”
Websites with content that is thin or spammy are on notice.
Business owners and marketers tempted to walk a fine line between truth and deception need to think twice.
Yelp a Powerhouse as Review Sites Drive Conversions
A new Nielsen study shows that Yelp does a better job of driving conversions to Facebook and Google users.
The study concluded that 92 percent of those using online review sites say they’ve made purchases after visiting Yelp.
And Yelp is driving those conversions at a faster pace than before.
Compared to search engines, review sites like Yelp:

  • Engage consumers on a deeper level
  • Have instant credibility with their user-generated reviews
  • Offer numerous pictures of restaurant foods
  • Tend to rank high in search rankings

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