31 Need-to-Know Marketing Tips for the Christmas Season [Videos]

The Christmas shopping season is coming soon. Are you ready with an effective marketing strategy? Last year, retail sales increased in the November-December months by a greater-than-expected 5.3% over 2016… And online sales were up a whopping 11.5% from the … Read More

How Nike Used the Super Bowl to Create Buzz and Dramatically Boost Sales

The Super Bowl is usually known for its high-priced and hyped-up commercial ad lineup, but this year the best-used advertising space came at half-time. The half-time show featured megastar Justin Timberlake, who sang and danced an elaborate number in a … Read More

2018 Super Bowl Ad Lineup: 10 Things To Know About What Made Viewers Laugh, Cry and Take Action

About 103.4 million people watched Super Bowl 52….significantly fewer than last year’s 111.3 million viewers. The drop in viewership may have been a result of political reasons (2017’s controversy over taking a knee). The Super Bowl is still the most … Read More

14 Surprising Steps to Powerful Facebook Response

Facebook can give you great response and profits. It can also be a huge disappointment. But when used correctly, Facebook can be one of the most powerful ways to reach potential customers, expand your reach, and boost response and profits. … Read More

7 Look-A-Like Audiences on Steroids: How to Supercharge Your Response

What is a look-a-like audience? It’s a way to reach new people who are just like your best existing customers. Look-a-like audiences – if done right – can dramatically expand your prospects, growing leads and new customers like never before. … Read More

Shocker: 26 Money Marketing Trends Most Company Presidents and Marketers Aren’t Using … or Using Poorly [Video]

If you missed my recent live webinar on “26 New Trends for Marketing Products and Services,” you missed some great money-making tips … and some blunders being made. But don’t worry. I have the video right here for you to … Read More

Marketing Secrets for the Super Wealthy: 12 Key Steps for Successful Lead Generation and Conversion to America’s Top Income

Lead generation and conversion of ultra-wealthy prospects–often classified as accredited Investors–is a significantly different process from traditional business-to-business marketing or general consumer lead generation marketing. Why? The accredited investor requires important and unique marketing and advertising tactics. An accredited investor is defined as … Read More

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