Direct mail is seeing a powerful renaissance.
Google and Facebook are using it. And so are most other savvy marketers.
Business-to-business, consumers, fundraising … all are seeing profitable campaigns.
But few know the direct mail rules. Most ad agencies and marketing departments break these rules … and suffer the consequences.
I put together a crash course of short videos on basic direct mail rules that are being commonly violated … that lower response and profits.
Each video is only 2 to 8 minutes. But they are packed with concise, actionable advice to turn a losing campaign into a winner – or a mediocre company into a supercharged success.

  1. Direct Mail Breakthroughs in an Online World. From envelope, to letter, lift note, response device, value-added piece – everything you need to know.


  1. Multi-Channel Marketing. Integrated direct mail with online media.


  1. Overcoming Objections. 10 deal killers that will cripple and destroy a campaign.



4. Increasing Response With a Premium. This could be 50 percent of the success or failure of your direct mail.

  1. Direct Mail: Envelope Success Stories. Learn the secrets to great response.


  1. Stamp Strategy. The price of the stamp is all the same, but … using the right stamp can mean the difference between success and failure in your marketing campaign.

  1. Direct Mail: Little Known Response Boost. Use these little known direct mail secrets.


Specialty Direct Mail Videos


  1. Magalogs. It’s the direct mail infomercial in print.

  1. Videologs. How to generate leads and makes sales with a new technology that blends video with direct mail.


  1. 3-D Marketing. This is a powerful way to cut through the clutter so you can get the attention of your target audience. CLICK TO READ MORE.


  1. Newsalogs. It feels like a newspaper, and it looks like a newspaper. But it’s a direct response tool. With the right direct response copy, newsalogs bring in huge response.

12. Bookalogs. To win in your positioning and branding, you must establish yourself as the “expert” or “authority” in your space. With a bookalog, you become the authority: the one who wrote the book! CLICK HERE to read more.


If you need help with your next direct mail campaign, or have any questions on any of these marketing tips, write Caleb Huey at or call me at 310-212-5727.