Why does some sales copy fail, while other copy creates amazing success? Reasons can vary from readability…to believability….to clarity. The following 7 tips will expand on how to create effective sales copy for direct mail, email, landing pages, video scripts and more.

  1. Make it readable. Readability can be enhanced by using numbers like “5 shocking facts…”; by double-spacing between paragraphs; subheads; sufficient margins; large enough type; avoiding overuse of all caps; wise use of attention-getting devices; and more.
  2. Keep sentences and words relatively short. Never write a sentence that takes more than one breath to read. Short words and sentences make for easier reading and copy that flows better. Even one- or two-word sentences can add impact and variety.
  3. Use varied paragraph length. If all of your paragraphs look the same, the effect will be a boring, unexciting letter. Paragraphs shouldn’t be more than seven lines. Again, very short paragraphs can be effective.

For example:

“Difficult? Yes.”

“Challenging? You bet.”

“Possible? Absolutely.”

These three separate paragraphs make a memorable input, add extra space for greater readability and make the claim even more believable.

  1. “Talk” the prospect’s language. Sprinkle your letter with words and phrases your audience understands and relates to. For example, to describe a higher-end food product or service, you would use “savor” and not “devour.”
  2. Include your offer up front. Don’t make prospects guess what they’ll get for their money. A prospect who has to dig too much will remain just that. Get your offer right up front.
  3. Utilize emotional copy first; facts, second. Your goal is to have the prospect think: “I’ve got to have this.” Hit benefits hard and write to the heart, not the head. Then meet his or her rational reasons to buy with solid, specific facts.
  4. Close strongly and clearly. Don’t be wishy-washy. Avoid “If this interests you…” or “We would appreciate.” Instead, use “Don’t wait”… “Order now” …. “Fill out the enclosed form below” … or “Call today.”


If you’re interested in creating more powerful sales copy to sell your product or service, give me a call at (310)212-5727 or email Caleb at caleb@cdmginc.com.



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