Deciding how many navigation options to have is a tricky balance between making your site user-friendly and driving your prospect to your sale.
A navigation bar can give your users the choices they want and need. Or it could distract them from your Call to Action.
An online dating site, FindSomeone, ran a test to see if their navigation bar was helping or hurting sales.
They allow users to sign up for free. But the goal is to get these free members to turn into paying members.
TEST: The team created a duplicate site and removed the navigation bar on the left hand side of the pricing page.
Then, they sent half of their users to Version A of the site, with the navigation bar, and half to Version B – without the navigation bar.
Which do you think gave a better response?
RESULTS: If you guessed Version B, you’re correct!
The site without the navigation bar gave a stunning response – a 45.5% increase in revenue!
For this site, removing the navigation side bar eliminated distractions and focused the user on the sale. It also removed loopholes for the user, limiting their perceived options and driving them to convert to paying members.
This test shows that navigation bars can be a distraction and sales-killer. However, not all sites are the same. The key lesson is to test.
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