In creating advertising copy, it’s difficult to engage your prospect at the start of the sales process. But engagement is a must.
That’s why you need to know about the Power of Agreement (PA). The Power of Agreement is similar to how I started off this article.
Your copy needs to start with something your prospect agrees with, so they will nod their head in agreement.
You’re not trying to persuade the prospect on something they disagree with or are skeptical about. Instead, your friendly persuasion is to create a copy platform where they acknowledge you are right, and then you bring them to the next step.
For example, those who believe in alternative health are in agreement that the medical profession doesn’t have all the answers to solving a problem. They would all agree with that.
If you started your copy to an audience of mothers by saying, “Raising kids today is different than it was years ago, when you were being raised,” they would agree.
It’s the Power of Agreement. The fact that you have a solution to the problem is the next step in a powerful presentation, showing them that you have the answer to what is keeping them up at night. What you want to do is show them that you’re in agreement with their hopes, their dreams, their fears, their ideology, their political point of view, their religious beliefs… that you understand. The Power of Agreement (PA) gives you permission to enter into a conversation about your product or service with an open, welcome mindset.
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