There-dimensional (3-D) mailers are just flat-out fun.
I’ve sent scissors, puzzles, treasure chests filled with coffee and even rare coins as part of a 3-D direct mail package.
And the best part? When done right, your prospects are practically guaranteed to open the package and see what it’s all about. Better yet, you create a powerful “Wow!” moment that drives response through the roof.
For example, we did a rare coin package for a financial services client that brought in a 90% response rate.
A 3-D campaign for a company that creates $100,000 trade shows booths brought in a 5% response and the client converted 20% of them.
You can see my video on 3-D mailers here.
You can see my video on videologs (which are kind of 3-D) here.
I’d be happy to send you a few case studies of our effective 3-D campaigns and/or to give you some more personalized advice about creating a 3-D mailer for your business. Just send me an email at or call me at (310) 212-5727.