3 Must-Know, Transformational Reasons Direct Mail is Working So Well in an Online World [video]

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to market your product or service…even in an online world. Here are three must-know, transformational reasons direct mail still works.   Transformation Reason #1: Transactional data modeling When used with direct … Read More

Why the Failing US Post Office is Hiking Up Rates…and 10 Surprising Realities to Stop the $50 + Billion Bailout and Make Mail Delivery Great Again

President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $50 + billion bailout … and turn the failing Postal Service around and Make Mail Delivery Great Again. The current postal monopoly is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians … Read More

Direct Mail Success: Follow the Proven 40/40/20 Rule to Get the Profitable Results You Want

Direct mail is full of rules. Follow them and you’ll profit. Break them and you’ll depress response. These rules aren’t arbitrary—they’re based on years of multiple and thorough testing. Simply put, the 40/40/20 Rule is: 40% of your direct mail … Read More

Testing Corner: Surprising Results for Copy Test

Some of my favorite direct marketing tools include magalogs, bookalogs, catalogs, and reportalogs. These formats are great for promoting your product or service. They showcase the item in a magazine layout, which generates interest among consumers or business prospects who … Read More

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