Many Direct Marketing Update readers can tell a good headline from a bad headline, but how good are you at choosing a great headline from a better headline?
TEST: Three headlines were created to entice prospects to try an online personality testing site called ActualMe. One headline focused on you-orientation, one headline focused on branding, and one headline focused on a benefit. Take a look:
Version A: The Branding Headline
“What ActualMe profile are you?”
Version B: The You-Orientation Headline
“Get a FREE Personality Test in less than 2 minutes …”
Version C: The Benefit Headline
“What kind of communicator are you?”
Can you place the headlines in order of response?
RESULT: If you put them in order C, B, A, you’re right!
Version C (benefit) had a 25.17% conversion rate compared with 20.8% for Version B (you-orientation) and 20.14% for Version A (branding).
Do you know why? Email me at and tell me why you think the benefit headline beat the other two.