When crafting copy, one of the most effective ways to gain the trust and confidence of your prospects is by using specifics.
Specifics reassure your prospect that your product or service will improve their life. Rather than speaking in hyperboles and generalities, specifics in numbers and facts ground your piece and clearly state your argument.
Here are three examples. The first sentence in each example contains a generality, the second a specific:
Example 1

  • This product has helped thousands of people lose weight in a matter of weeks.
  • Our newest product has helped 8,367 lose at least 10 pounds in 4-6 weeks.

Example 2

  • By subscribing to our newsletter, you learn plenty of information that will help you increase your income.
  • Our newsletter is packed with tips on how to beat FDA Regulation 702, avoid the 77 class action lawsuits filed in the last six months, and avoid the media nightmare that the spinach industry experienced for 7 horrible weeks.

Example 3

  • This book will give you all of the answers you need to organize your life.
  • This book will give you strategies om how to manage your daily time with 37% increased efficiency and double your effectiveness with clients so that you can live a stress-free and productive life.

The bottom line is, specifics sell and generalities do not, Comb through your copy and look for these 3 places to get specific:

  1. Dollar figures ($933,310 v. “close to a million dollars”)
  2. Percentages (off-numbers work best: 83% vs. 75%)
  3. Concrete numbers instead of vague words (We’ve won 65 awards vs. “An award-winning company”)

Remember: One of the things that distinguishes a campaign that is mediocre from one that is greater is the amount of specifics and details that are put into the campaign.
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