I love video and TV commercials.
Having created over 300 with hundreds of tests, it’s a powerful channel to greater profits.
When Ronald Reagan deregulated the antiquated rule that outlawed infomercials over thirty minutes long, we were among the first  to creates these powerful 30 minute infomercials as sales tools.
Now the latest video innovation and breakthrough for marketing is pre-rolls.
Here is what we know.

  1. They work. For example, The Nassau Paradise Island Tourist Board has spent over $1 million on Google TrueView. The completion rate of their 30 second pre-video commercial is now 20%.
  2. The first three seconds may be the most important. 30-40% of your success is in these few seconds.
  3. The call to action (CTA) is the second most important element.
  4. Pre-rolls can be specifically targeted to your audience. Want Investors? Done. Want alternate health? Done. Want conservatives? Done.
  5. Any pre-roll gives you this advantage: better SEO on YouTube and Google.
  6. Any pre-rolls created can have multiple uses … on your landing page, in banner/Facebook ads, and in emails.
  7. In Facebook, video advertising isn’t pre-roll. It’s video uploaded to Facebook that you pay for to market to a targeted audience.
  8. YouTube is now providing buttons that say “Shop Now”, which can easily be converted to “Subscribe Now”, “Donate Now”, “attend this event”, etc.

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