To craft a unique selling proposition about your company, you’ll want to promote your strongest customer benefit.
Prime your benefit by using superlatives as a guide.
Superlatives are descriptive adjectives or adverbs that state the highest degree of comparison. You create them by choosing quantifiable words ending in ‘est’ that offer a benefit to your prospect.
Check out these examples:
Cheapest, hottest, quickest, earliest, longest, smallest, oldest, furthest, simplest, and so on.
To see how the power of a precise superlative helps sell your products over the competition, ask yourself:
“What’s different about your product that is meaningful to our customers?” That excellence is your ‘est.’

For instance, do you sell a financial management system that helps earn customers’ money while simultaneously being the simplest to navigate? Why not say that your software is “The easiest to use”?
If your product is low-cost, would being “cheapest on the Internet”, grab more prospects’ attention?
When selling a natural healing aid for headaches, you could pen quite simply “The healthiest, fastest way to relieve a headache.”
Take a tip from Western Union, “The fastest way to send money” by using the power of ‘est’ to talk about your product.
Using the ‘est’ principle and crafting a profitable USP is a struggle many people face. More often than not, they get it wrong by focusing on what they think is great about their product, rather than the benefits that make it stand out from the competition and satisfy a prospect’s need.
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