An earthquake hits California.
Not surprisingly, an email like the one below from Bed, Bath, & Beyond arrives the next day:

Keep your loved ones safe and sound à  Shop Now!

It’s all in the Preparation …

The reality is that an emergency situation can arrive at any time, and Bed, Bath & Beyond wants to help you be prepared. We offer a wide selection of important tools to help keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

This is an example of perfect timing and relevant messaging … a guaranteed way to prevent list fatigue.

Current events make all the difference (Credit: Drake Journalism)

A lot of talk these days focuses on email drop-offs due to tech issues like spam filters.
But what about those customers and prospects who opt-out of your subscriber base—or stay current but don’t buy—because of waning interest?
The solution is to pay attention to current events, including sudden and even startling events like an earthquake, or happier events like the celebration of a famous celebrity or the election of a new President.
This kind of current-event novelty will ensure that your prospects not only stay subscribed, but start buying!
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