One of the growing media used to target a specific audience is the commercial used before you watch a video: a pre-roll. For example, Google TrueView places the advertising spots in the pre-roll before a YouTube video. You can target your audience with a growing set of variables.
I’m doing a campaign right now that is very targeted:

  1. We are only doing pre-rolls on select cable channels that match our psychographic.
  2. We are also using our pre-selected email/postal list to run the ads only to our target audience.

This target audience is also getting our direct mail, Facebook, newsfeed ads, banner ads, and emails.
I’ve created over 400 videos and TV commercials (11 infomercials), so I love this media. But it keeps getting better and more targeted.
The Nassau Paradise Island Tourist Board has spent over $1 million on Google TrueView for pre-rolls. The completion rate of their 30 second pre-video commercial is now 20%. YouTube allows viewers to skip the ad after 5 seconds. But, advertisers are only charged if the entire 30 seconds are viewed. Their price per completed view is $0.08.
Here is the video to a select targeted audience of investors:

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