Election 2016 was surprising … and shocking.
How did Trump win the election?
And how do the liberal Democrats plan to win in the 2018 Election?
What must conservatives do to win in 2018 … even in liberal states like California?

I’d like to invite you to a very special webinar on February 23.
This webinar is for conservatives and libertarians. But I thought you would be interested because of the marketing analysis I give.
It’s called “Trump, the Election, and Things to Come”.
I break the webinar into two sections. In the first part, I focus on how Trump won—and analysis that you won’t see anywhere else.
The second part will focus on “Making California Great Again.”
If you live in a blue state, or a state seized by the liberals, it will help you to listen to part 2.
The National Segment starts at 4:00 PM PDT (7:00 PM EDT), covering just the presidential race outcomes.
The California Segment starts at 4:45 PM PDT (7:45 PM EDT), covering what California and other blue states can do to be great again.
You can join me for our online webinar and you’ll be able to have answers to questions like:

  • How did Trump pull of his election win nationally, even Democrat states?
  • Why were the media and the polls so wrong?
  • What the Evangelicals and Catholics did in 2016 that shocked the media and the experts
  • The one issue that could destroy the Republican Party
  • How are the liberals organizing these large protests.
  • What tactics have caused business owners to become more liberal
  • The #1 Shock: Trump’s secret campaign (no, not Twitter!)
  • The cash war: Was Trump the loser?
  • How to combat the media lies and constant attacks on conservatives.
  • Why did California cast 7 million votes for Hillary Clinton?
  • Can Republicans take back Sacramento and have a Ronald Reagan-like leader again?
  • 12 Surprising Steps to win in California for Election 2018
  • What issues will turn California around in 2018?
  • 3 Surprising ways that you can help change California in 2018
  • The one issues that could destroy the Republican Party
  • The #1 reason you can have hope for a Republican Governor in 2018
  • Why liberals are able to fill up town halls and engage in media blitzes to oppose Trump

So, put the webinar on your calendar and click below to register.
Donald Trump Direct Marketing Update
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Also, I want to make sure that any of your friends and family that can benefit from my presentation are able to join us. So please be sure to forward this email and link your friends and.
I look forward to joining you.
Check out the webinar, and then contact me if you want us to help you set up webinars or a powerful direct marketing campaign for your product or service. Call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at craig@cdmginc.com for more information.