98% of marketers overlook this powerful success strategy that could skyrocket your leads or sales (video).
You’re one of the 98% if you’ve never considered a bookalog.
What’s a bookalog? It looks and feels like a paperback book – but it is actually a persuasive sales piece for your product or service.
When it’s done right, your prospects can’t tell the difference.
The format alone builds the credibility of its author – usually the president, entrepreneur, expert or personality representing your company. Why? Because
people trust an author as an authority. This additional credibility then persuades the reader to respond to your message.
What differentiates a bookalog from other books is that every word, including the title, is direct response copy.
I have had B2B marketers profusely thank me for their bookalog success, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how a consumer bookalog can generate hundreds of thousands of new buyers.
I remember having my hair cut a few years back and hearing my barber talk about how his mother in Florida had bought a nutritional product after reading a book. She sent him the book, and he decided to buy it too. The book was so good, he said, that I should read it as well. As it turned out, it was actually a bookalog I’d produced with my team to sell the nutritional product.
Whether your audience is a few hundred or a few million prospects, a bookalog is a powerful way to turn your products into bestselling superstars.
You can watch my video briefing as I show examples here. About 1.5 minutes.