Writing subheads may seem like a quick-and-easy task. You may be tempted to throw down a few punchy words and move on. But these phrases contribute a lot more than you think – and every piece of marketing copy needs them.
Subheads are mini-headlines. They grab the reader’s attention and guide him along. They break up large chunks of text and improve your piece’s overall appearance. They even help convince those who are just scanning that they want to read more.
Your very first subhead should tie in with your main headline, reemphasizing its strongest points.
To turn your subheads into a sales boost, pay attention to these key components:

  1. Like all good direct response copy, subheads shout out the benefits.
  2. Try “you get” or “you’ll save” or “you’ll learn.” It helps the reader see exactly how she will benefit from responding to your offer.
  3. Action verbs like “discover,” “produce,” “get,” “avoid,” and “save” will keep the reader moving…right to the order form.
  4. Make your action verbs even stronger with a sense of urgency. Pair them with “right now,” “quickly,” and “today” to motivate the reader to act now.
  5. Saying “You’ll save 50% now” is much more powerful than “you’ll save now.”
  6. Don’t forget to use white space above and below your subheads. Use color, bold fonts and larger font sizes to make them stand out.

Here are some easy-to-follow guideline for placing subheads:

  • Direct Mail: 1 or 2 subheads per page
  • Emails: 1 or 2 per screen
  • Landing Pages & Website: 1 or 2 per screen
  • Banner & Native Ads: 1 subhead for every 3 to 4 paragraphs

Finally, here are some examples of successful subheads I’ve created:

     Your secret to safely making profits of 300% or more in today’s volatile markets

     Enjoy FREE lifetime technical support when you order today

     Now you can avoid getting caught in a frivolous lawsuit

     Detailed charts help you cross-reference every topic instantly

When done right, subheads reinforce the key points of your message…and give you a sales boost. Now you can see why they are too important to ignore.
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