Want to lose business?
Just bash President Trump.
A CEO has a choice to make: Be political or be neutral.
A recent survey found that 58 percent of consumers dislike it when a company is political.
But 25 percent of Americans (roughly 80 million) have decided to stop, avoid or reduce their purchases from companies taking an anti-Trump stand.
You may be aware of conservatives and Christians boycotting Target for their transgender bathrooms. And Angie’s List lost millions of potential sales for its corporate stand against religious freedom.
Nearly 35 percent of republicans have boycotted Nordstrom’s for its political removal of Ivanka Trump’s shoe and clothing lines.
Nordstrom saw its stock fluctuate because of it. The stock felt the ire of pro-Trump boycotters, but then was buoyed by sales to anti-Trump customers.
And when Uber got the left upset when it cut prices during an airport taxi strike protesting Trump’s travel ban, 32 percent of Democrats boycotted Uber, compared to 13 percent Republicans.
There is a perceived difference between the individual company president being political and the company marketing a corporate statement or decree.
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