It is truly amazing how a slight difference can have an impact on your response. By testing just one aspect of the layout, such as the picture, font size, color or placement of graphics, you can gain valuable data as to what produces the highest response…and make changes to increase your lead generation and profits.

The Test:

I wanted to test a “tabalog” for one of my longtime clients, Health Alert. Every campaign should have tests. In this case, I tested six variables. In one test, all I tested was the picture that dominated the cover of the tabalog mailer.
Cover A featured a picture of an elderly man holding his head and looking straight ahead with his eyes open, while Cover B featured an elderly man holding his head but with his face looking down and his eyes shut.

The Results: 

The results showed that Cover B generated a 14.32% better response than Cover A. For the bottom line, tests like these can add up to greater profits.
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