The single most critical component of your campaign is your shopping cart.

If you make it too difficult for your online customers to check out, no matter how amazing your marketing and message is, you’ve lost the sale.

Did you know that 40% or more of online shoppers leave items in their cart to view later… maybe to order on a different device or at a retail store, often to do more research, or just to order when it’s more convenient.

So it’s critical that you have a retargeting program on your landing page. If you’ve identified the open and click through responders to your emails (because it’s on your data list from your service email contact) or floater responders, have a 7 part conversion series (more if response justifies it).

A re-targeting strategy – particularly on Facebook and Google – will drive customers back to your shopping cart, where they’ve already placed items.

And, as always, it’s critical to simplify your customer shopping experience by using, at most, 2 click-throughs. This way you don’t lose orders or leads.

To learn how to avoid making shopping cart blunders, watch this video.

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