A deadly mistake many marketers make is trying to change their prospects’ attitudes.

You can’t.

Remember, you can’t teach a pig to sing.

Instead, use your prospects’ own views as a tool to sell your product or service.

You can do this by writing copy that tracks your prospects’ beliefs.

If you’ve done your research on your prospects and target market, your best bet is to use empathy.

Acknowledge your prospects’ beliefs and feelings.


Here’s a great example …


One of the things my ad agency is known for is our skill and experience in marketing financial products.

One of the reasons for our success is our research and attention to typical investors and their concerns. Successful investors are usually aware of world events and politics, and sometimes we work those topics into our pieces to give an immediate current-events flavor.

But we don’t do it blindly.

First, we do our homework on our prospects.

Then we create a campaign that speaks to the worldview of successful investors … and speaks to their beliefs.

Before writing a word of copy, seek to understand the needs and concerns of your potential prospects. Then craft copy that speaks to what they believe in.

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