The economic recovery is underway.

In some states, like Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee … it’s on steroids as the states open up.

In states with tight regulations still in place, like New York, California, New Jersey, and Illinois … it’s slow and anemic.

Regardless, it has started.

Are you part of it as much as possible?

Are your marketing and advertising strategies and tactics actually holding you back or retarding your recovery in unseen ways?

Are there things you should be doing differently?

Are there new things you should be doing?

Companies are going to see one of situations as the recovery unfolds …

  1. Failure.
  2. Slow growth, below pre-pandemic levels.
  3. Slow growth, above pre-pandemic levels.
  4. Fast growth, back to pre-pandemic levels.
  5. Fast growth, above pre-pandemic levels.
  6. Fast growth that leads to market domination.

Which one of those outcomes will be yours?

My company has a Recovery Audit that could help you objectively see what you’re doing right … or wrong.

It’s a second opinion that is designed to help you achieve market domination.

Call Johnny at 615.933.4647 or email him at for full details.