Direct mail delivery has mostly returned to normal … with a few minor problems.

Mailers in March, April, and May experienced major delays. But mostly those have been resolved, with the exception of a couple of new pandemic and protest hotspots.

For those who continued mailing, and who are mailing now, this has had a positive effect on marketing efforts. These include …

1. Response rates are up!

Overall, response to direct mail campaigns are up, for consumer and business to business. Direct response sales for supplements, home goods, videos, and more have skyrocketed.

2. Competition in the mail is less.

With the collapse of retail and certain products and services, less competition is leading to greater sales, revenue, and profits for those still in the game.

3. Retail mailings have disappeared.

Drug store, market and other retail mailings have vanished, leaving a less cluttered mailbox. 

4. Informed Delivery is growing.

Millions more people have signed up to get the USPS’s free Informed Delivery email daily. This provides another opportunity to get prospects’ attention and numbers show the positive impact this is having on results.

Informed Delivery let’s users know what to expect in their mailbox that day … and provides a free, clickable link for the recipient to go to your landing page, see your video, or more.

5. Home addresses are hot.

Because millions of people are at home instead of at the office, mailing to home addresses is producing huge results. This trend will continue as more and more companies take their workforce fully remote … realizing the financial and productivity benefits that come with the remote model.

6. Direct mail retargeting is even more powerful.

That’s because it’s helping convert leads to sales like never before.

We are able to grab the physical address of anyone who visits your landing page or website … and then we can send them a direct mail piece that reinforces the message they’ve already seen online.

Now is the perfect time to be in the mail. We can help get you there. Call us and let’s discuss how we can help increase your leads and sales using direct mail strategies. You can reach us on 615.933.4647.