U.S. Postal Service Undercharges Amazon for Shipping…and Loses $1.3 Billion in 3 Months: 10 Shocking Facts You Should Know

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is financially hemorrhaging … wasting your tax dollars … and heading for a massive $65 billion taxpayer bailout. Why? Because of the inefficient and self-serving actions of: The American Postal Workers Union Politicians who crave … Read More

President Trump can save the taxpayers from the coming massive post office bailout—and make American postal delivery great again! 7 Frightening Realities About the Post Office which Politicians Ignore

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  President Trump has a historic opportunity to save the American taxpayer from a $37 billion bailout … and turn the failing postal service around. The postal system is dysfunctional. Why? Because of… Politicians Unions The Postal Bureaucracy Hostility and … Read More

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