Amazing $158,107 profit on just the first mailing of an unbeatable

The Marketing Challenge:

Client Don Rowe, editor of Wall Street Digest, was facing a huge challenge. The subscriber base of his acclaimed investment newsletter was dwindling fast, and many potential new subscribers were being wooed away by intense competition.

Some of the successful promotions he had mailed in the past had run their course, and he needed a dramatic breakthrough package he could mail for years.

The Creative Solution:

Because of a mutually beneficial relationship spanning nearly 20 years, Don Rowe once again turned to CDMG to ignite his lagging subscriber base. CDMG put its award-winning expertise to work and came up with two powerful, dramatic concepts.

One was the main theme: “The secret to safely doubling your money in 3 years, then doubling it again by the year 2001.” This “big promise” benefit was based on Don Rowe’s average annual gain of 26% on his recommendations.

The second key concept was Don Rowe’s “Wall Street Profit System 2000,” a name CDMG created for his proprietary, proven stock selection system.

The Results:

The promotion also included 5 unstoppable forces that will propel the Dow past 6,000 in 1996…a startling 1996 investment forecast…and a special money-saving offer that included up to 19 free Special Reports.

Results have been consistently spectacular. Don Rowe says: “It’s comforting to know that when I turn to you and your staff, I get a ‘winner.’”

“The piece you wrote for Wall Street Digest has been an unbeatable control for the past 2-1/2 years. On my first mailing, I spent $300,000 and received $458,107 within 30 days.”

“On just the last mailing alone, I recovered my entire cost in just ten days.”