Unique marketing strategy targets corporate decision makers and scores big response.

The Marketing Challenge:


SurfControl is a global provider of corporate security software. One of their products, SuperScout, an internet filter, competes in a tough market that includes such deep-pocket giants as Norton, who bombard their target audience (MIS and IT managers) with print, direct mail, and personal sales calls.

The Creative Solution:

Craig Huey recognized the problem as not only one of budget, but of targeting as well. Although the MIS and IT managers are normally the ones who solve the problem and recommend the solution, they are not usually the ultimate decision makers.

Craig suggested bypassing the MIS and IT managers and going directly to the purchase influencers and ultimate decision makers. Strategically, he realized, that would require both education and finesse.

Though these corporate directors were the decision makers, they did not necessarily know the potential problems their own companies were facing in internet security.

The Results:

A magalog. This direct mail strategy is a tool that is used successfully to get to a more sophisticated target audience that often has one or more mail screeners filtering out “junk” mail.

   By replicating the importance and slickness of a magazine, the magalog is much more likely to make it to its ultimate target audience — and to get read!