What every marketing director and president must know…and do.
I just completed a radio interview on a business network with 15 key points. I recommend that you listen to it carefully and evaluate your current marketing life by it. Here’s what you’re going to learn:
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  • Powerful instructions about why a corporate website is obsolete and should never be used for marketing. Plus, the power of a landing page.
  • Is direct mail dead?…Find out why it’s still working and what every marketer should know.
  • Merging direct mail, email and banner ads, and retargeting them to one list. What the new trends are and why it’s so powerful to have a multi-media platform.
  • The mailing list evolution – how to cut out 80% waste and market only to the right people.
  • What every president should know about the JOBS Act
  • Bookalog – what I said that you probably never have thought of before.
  • Magalog – an example of a B2B magalog that turned a business around.
  • Why hand written envelopes are such a big thing.
  • Video direct mail – find out why this new merging trend of video direct mail can be so powerful.
  • The power of video – how long it should be and where it should be.
  • The interaction of video with email and/or banner ads.
  • What most marketers overlook in a conversion series. Precise guidelines on how to turn marketing around with a conversion series.

I hope you enjoy the radio interview. You can listen to it here.
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