Most marketing campaigns that we do, we also create banner ads for retargeting or remarketing.
If you’re marketing a product or service and you’re not using retargeting, it’s a huge mistake. I explain this in the video you can see here:
In creating banner ads, we have found several things in our testing.
Example #1: Editorial Concept
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A winning format is “editorial” ads. They are producing better response than non-editorial ads or ads that look like ads.
Stevia - Editorial Banner Ad - High Risks of Sugar
Example #2: Banner ads + Video
Banner ads that say there is a special, free, online report will get a better response than telling them they can see a video alone.
Banner ads that offer a video visual involved will get better response as seen here:
Example #3: Video vs. Report
Banner ads that say that there is a special, free, online report will get a better response than telling them they can see a video alone. Here are the unusual results: The online report generated almost a 15% higher response than the video as a call to action (CTA). The video image lifts response, but letting the offer be an online report – not the video – increases response.
Example #4: Matching Landing Pages
Banner ads, to be effective, must have landing pages that match up to the banner ads. We just tested six different banner ads, each with its own headline. And each one had a landing page that matches the headline of the ad, out pulling one general landing page.
Example #5: Media Strategy
Banner ads are only as good as where you place them. Therefore, you must make sure you are placing them appropriately. Usually, using a behavioral banner ad service will give you higher return than going direct. But not always. Test!
That’s why with our clients, we test most anything that can impact response. You always want to test. Test to find what is more effective and what will increase response. You need to test the media. You need to test the size of the ad. You need to test copy.
Example #6: Testing Strategy
Always test.
Here is an example of creative testing:
In the examples above, Ad #1 got a click through rate of 0.07%, which means that out of every 1,000 impressions, seven people clicked on the ad.  Ad #2 got a click through rate of 0.13%, which means that out of every 1,000 impressions, 13 people clicked on the ad.
So in terms of performance (measured by CTR), Ad #2 beat Ad #1.  In fact, the CTR of Ad #2 was almost twice that of Ad #1.

Example #7: Target
For retargeting, use copy specific ads for customers vs. prospects. And for those who abandon a shopping cart vs. buyers, etc.
Here is a great example:
banner ad
So you’ll be testing creative. You’ll be testing using the Google network, direct placement or behavioral.
To do this right you should be using an agency like Creative Direct Marketing Group who has the knowledge and understanding of how to maximize your response and properly read the results.
If you’re not using retargeting or remarketing now…
… Or if you haven’t yet tested banner ads successfully, now is the time to do so.
Give me a call. I’d be glad to talk to you about it.
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