I often find that just one small word change to your copy has the potential to make a big difference in response.
Here is a test for an online publisher: two almost-identical sentences located near the order button
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were tested to see which would better impact the conversion rate.
The Test: Test Sentence A read: “7 Days Free or continue at $24.95 for eight weeks at a savings of 50%.” Test Sentence B read: “7 Days Risk Free then continue at just $24.95 for 8 weeks (50% savings).”
What changes do you notice between the two sentences?
The Results: The small changes such as adding the parentheses and using the word “risk” caused a 12% gain in the conversion rate increase. You also may notice that Sentence A read “or continue…” while Sentence B read, “then continue…” It is possible that by using the word then instead of or, the consumer feels they are getting more for their money.
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