Many direct marketers depress results by not creating powerful online or hard-copy Positive Acceptance Statements on their order forms or shopping cart.
Get your prospects to say YES!
  A Positive Acceptance Statement on your order form could prevent your marketing campaign from falling short of its deserved response.

What is a Positive Acceptance Statement?
It is part of your order form that you may recognize as the “Yes” box. But more importantly,
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it is the section of the order form where your prospect can read a recap of what he gets in return for his response. It is a powerful statement that should motivate even the most reluctant prospect to say, “Yes, I want your product. Sign me up!”
Here are 5 elements that are crucial to include in every Positive Acceptance Statement:
1. A very strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that makes your product or service seem more unique or better than any other
2. The offer itself: FREE information, a trial offer or discount
3. Any premiums
4. A guarantee, if appropriate
5. A strong call to action

Here is a Positive Acceptance Statement I created for The Weather Channel for their outreach to motivate small businesses to your local ads...

“Yes! Send me more information. I want to learn how to be the only business in my area to run closed-captioning, sponsorship ads on one of the most popular cable channels for just $1.38 per ad. I understand this represents a significant discount off the already low rates and is good only for the month of April. Also, if I register before March 17, I will receive 12 ads FREE!
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