If you’ve been doing direct marketing for any length of time, you know that a powerful P.S. can dramatically increase direct mail response.
And everyone who knows direct marketing rules agrees. But most experts do a P.S. wrong.
Tips to fail proof your P.S.
The mail blunder many marketers make is failing
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to understand the psychology behind the P.S. They don’t use it as a hook to get customers intrigued or motivated to read the letter.
Creating curiosity is key when using the P.S. at the close of your letter. The fact is that many studies have shown that your prospects will read the P.S. before they read the letter. So it is crucial that your P.S. intrigues your prospects enough that they will read the letter.
Here is an example I used for one of my clients, Stock Pickers Digest:
P.S. Markets today can be tough on many investors. Here’s how to get out of that up-and-down turmoil and stop wasting your time and your money. On page 3, I revealed 5 secrets that could help you capture profits of 50% or more in 1 year or less. Now is the time for you to start profiting from these secrets.
So the P.S. had an intriguing hook to read the letter.
This is critical to properly creating a P.S.
The second part of the P.S. is creating tension as to why I must respond now. For example, do this by having a “limited time offer” deadline.
This technique is displayed in the P.S. I did for The Weather Channel in our marketing to small businesses to see local commercials.
“P.S. we’ll provide you an extra 12 ads completely FREE if you respond by March 17 and you are the first to register in your local cable system. That’s 12 ads FREE. Call Today!”
Also, never forget to direct them to the order by phone, landing pages or using the ordering form available inside the box.
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