Over the last 2 years, integrated direct response advertising has meant many things. Sometimes it’s the integration of TV, banner ads, remarketing and landing pages.
Or it might be direct mail, landing pages, banner ads and remarketing.
Integrated marketing increases response in a dramatic way. If you’re using direct mail and TV, you will find that your direct mail will increase and your TV will increase. If you have retail distribution, many people will be coming to your store even though they are there because of your direct mail or TV. But now the additional marketing options help make integrated direct response advertising even more profitable. And for most readers, it will help skyrocket your response rates, lower your cost per lead and your cost per sales. Let’s just look at the new ways to integrate mail..
1. The first part of the new integrated direct response mail advertising is to identify your target and refine it to the most responsive people. This is accomplished with advanced list:
1) modeling and 2) optimization
The result is a super response list to your offer like never before.
2. You have a landing page that is compatible with your campaign.
3. You append email addresses to the direct mail names that you don’t have email addresses for.
4. You run retargeting and behavioral banner ads to those people who are only on your direct mail list and/or email list.
5. You identify the Facebook address of only those direct mail prospects and/or email/prospects and run news-feed ads only to your own list.
I’ve been doing this for clients now and the results are amazing.
Target it.
Integrate it.
Super response it.
Powerful marketing.
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