Database marketing is powerful…

Blue Cross of California has a massive database of people interested in their health.
Metagenics is a marketer of high quality nutritional supplements.
Merging the two assets into a marketing campaign was smart for both of them.
Metagenics was able to expand its marketing opportunity to a huge database and an implied endorsement, and Blue Cross was able to enjoy an additional profit stream of new business and build customer loyalty.
Craig Huey, President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, was asked by Metagenics to create a professional catalog of nutritional products.
Simply sending a catalog of nutritional products to Blue Cross members made little sense unless a rational was created. That’s why the CDMG team did three things to create a successful campaign:
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1. Created a catalog that was more informative and educational, resulting in superior sales. Using a value added approach, the catalog integrated content, stories and unique information, including health suggestions that Blue Cross would feel would be beneficial to its members. Not just an ordinary catalog.

2. CDMG developed a powerful direct response offer for the entire Blue Cross of California members to buy. Members were entitled to a 50% discount of the nutritional supplements.
Plus, to sweeten the offer, we offered every new buyer a sample package, which included a week supply of well-known supplements everybody would recognize – like Vitamin C – and gave them reason why it would be valuable to them.

3. Creating a feeling of membership, CDMG developed within the catalog mailing an over wrap from Blue Cross that included a card that said “For Blue Cross California Members Only.” And the Blue Cross card mentioned the entitlement of the discount of up to 50%.
Some of the copy tease on the wrap said, “Multi vitamins specially designed to meet your unique needs for women, men and children” and “Super foods nature comprehensive nutrition.”

4. And professional direct response copy and art helped create a powerful sales tool for both companies.

Putting together a third party marketing campaign is not an easy thing to do. But it can be powerful and dynamic for your bottom line. In fact, the more powerful your database relationship is, the more responsive your database will be to products and services you recommend.
Plus today, being able to market with advanced database modeling enables client databases like Blue Cross to identify in advance who is likely to buy, reducing risks.
Bottom Line: Let us help you put together a powerful campaign to get new clients and profits.

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